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Venn Associates was founded by John Zook in 2021. Following a long career in the medical and surgical device industry, John invested in short term rental properties in Central Texas.  However, he quickly realized there was a significant disconnect in short term property protection.  Damage deposits only served to create conflict with guests. Available damage waiver products excluded almost everything under the "fine print" and offered virtually no protection for the homeowner and little coverage for the renter.  This left the property manager in the middle with upset homeowners and poor reviews from renters.  After much research, he found that the only satisfied party were the insurance companies who were earning huge profits from damage waiver products.  Venn Associates has partnered with Headstart Warranty Group and Midwest Casualty Insurance to create the Relax Damage Waiver, a damage waiver with broad coverage and underwriting profit shared with the property manager.  Contact John at

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